1.7 million Christmas lights – Slovenian Christmas Fairytale in Mozirje

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Mozirski gaj is a flower park and open-air ethnographic museum in Mozirje, which was arranged by Slovenian gardeners and locals in the 1980s. It lies on the right bank of the Savinja River, covers an area of 7 ha and is open from mid-April to mid-October. During this time, flower exhibitions are held, themed gardens are also arranged, e.g. a group of spices, medicinal herbs; ethnographic objects are used to enrich it.

The park is also open From 27th November 2021 and 9th January 2022. During this period, the Christmas fairy tale of Slovenia takes place. Fairytale will enchant you with the majestic warm glow of a 1.7 million Christmas lights, fashioned into charming ensemble of countless shapes and forms. Magical atmosfere is further enhanced when Mozirski gaj gets covered in snow. Gabrijela1972 video.

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