90 Day Visa Extension Time Again | Time Flies in Thailand 2020

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Thailand visa update 2020: It's that time again, where i need to do my 90 day Visa Thailand extension for my Thai Ed Visa. Time really does fly in Thailand and it seems like only yesterday when i was doing my last extension. I head off to my Education Visa school to hand them my documents for the Thailand Immigration Process the next day to get my new 90 day stamp. I also have to do 90 day reporting on my Ed Visa.

After sorting my visa extension i head over to Airport Plaza Chiang Mai,Thailand, to meet up with my mate Roma for some lunch in the plaza food court. I show you some of the great Thai food on offer in Chiang Mai. All mixed in with the normal chat about life and what's going on in Chiang Mai 2020. Walk-About Wayne video.

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