A Life In Thailand | 18 Bizarre Months in Chiang Mai

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A Life In Thailand | 18 Bizarre Months in Chiang Mai

February 2021 marks 18 Months in Thailand for me, and what an 18 bizarre months it has been. My original plan was not to even stay 1 year in Thailand, let alone 18 months and counting. I have been to Thailand and SE Asia many times before but i've always stayed around 6 months or less. I left London in August 2019 with a one way ticket to Bangkok, with no real plans to return to England for a long time. I had my 9 months in Thailand and what ever happened after that happened. Living in Thailand for a year and half has made me less stressed and happier in life.

Little did i know what was ahead when i boarded the plane in 2019, i don't think any of us knew the bizarre pandemic situation that was coming. Living in Thailand during Covid sure was a bit strange at first, as know one really knew what the plan of action would be for foreigners here. Many people was scrambling to find tickets to get back home to loved ones. My plan was always to stay right here in Chiang Mai. Living in Chiang Mai Thailand has been amazing and a very safe place to be during The Coronavirus. I could not think of another place i would rather during this time. Life in Thailand after Covid could be very different for everyone, what will the travel restrictions and visa requirements be in the future? I guess we will have to wait to see what unfolds.

Chiang Mai 2021 Walk-About Wayne video.

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