AIS 4g Max Speed Unlimited รีวิว | My Thai Sim Choice

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Ais 4g Max Speed Unlimited รีวิว | My Thai Sim Choice

With my 1 year Thailand sim card deal coming to an end, it's time to head to AIS Thailand and get a new faster contract. Today i head off to Airport Plaza in Chiang Mai Thailand and see what they can offer me a better deal. AIS is not necessarily the best sim deal in Thailand, it's just my choice and i want to stay with AIS. True Move is also a great sim card and is probably a better all around package for faster data speeds. True unlimited internet is faster than AIS but at more expense. DTAC is also another popular Thai sim card but i tend to stick with AIS or True. Thailand internet speed is known to be really good and you won't have any problems with either one of the great sim card providers.

I want to stick with AIS as i like the service and it's never let me down. My new package was for AIS 4g max speed unlimited 699 at a deal for 400 Baht a month. I'm very happy with the speeds and the price. It's always worth looking around for the best deals in Thailand, as different days show different sim deals. True Move, DTAC and AIS 5g are all great choices with similar deals.

Just pick one you feel the most comfortable with. Walk-About Wayne video.

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