Amphitrite Lighthouse loop || Wild Pacific Trail || Pacific Ocean || Ucluelet

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Are you having a Déjà vu moment looking at this lighthouse? Yep, it's the same lighthouse that used to be your default window's wallpaper in 2007. This lighthouse "Amphitrite lighthouse " loop in the wild pacific trail in Ucluelet, BC is a refreshing hike/walk perfect for a solo, group or a romantic walk so close to the Pacific ocean. You can go through several paths and go to small beaches and be in close proximity to the largest water body in the world, the mighty Pacific Ocean, or just walk through the path to make a loop back to the lighthouse and watch the ocean from benches in front of the lighthouse. Did you know this lighthouse was built after a huge accident to avoid such accidents in the future and hence is still operational? Also, it is literally named after the Sea Goddess "Amphitrite".
My wife and I enjoyed this beautiful stroll through nature. It was amazing to walk over the huge rocks formed across the coastline and watch the roaring waves pounding over the rocks afar and eventually crossing those rocks and reaching the shoreline. You can also hear a sound similar to the whale clicking which is actually the sound of the ocean coming from the bell buoy to give direction to sea voyageurs. 10/10 recommend this place to be close to nature and be close to each other and your true self. TheViralTraveller video.

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