Chiang Mai 2021 | Opening a Business During Covid

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Chiang Mai 2021 | Opening a Business During Covid. Starting a business in Thailand always has it's challenges but opening a small business in Thailand during Covid times would surely be tough going. My friend and his Thai partner has done just that and opened a small Thai massage and Candle shop in Chiang Mai. Some people might think that's crazy to be opening a business now but full marks for being positive and moving forward. The shop has helped employ 2 massage staff, so that's a good thing in my eyes.

Today i park black beauty up at the famous Punspace Coworking space in Chiang Mai and i take a walk to my friends new shop SCENT CANDLES & MASSAGE, which is located near the centre of Chiang Mai old city, in a prime location next to Fern Forest Cafe and the amazing Goodsouls Kitchen Restaurant. I show you around the place and we have the normal walk and talk along the way about all things Chiang Mai Thailand 2021.

I have left the location and links for SCENT - CANDLES & MASSAGE below. If any of you are in Chiang Mai now or in the future, please checkout the shop. If you say you seen my video Kan will even give you a small discount, so everyone's a winner πŸ™‚ Opening a Business in Thailand. Walk-About Wayne video.

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