Cruising Around Town | Chiang Mai, Thailand 2021

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Cruising Around Town | Chiang Mai, Thailand 2021

Today i head out on the bike, cruising around the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. I like to do an update of how the streets and city are looking every month or 2. Not much has really changed around the city and in Thailand during Covid , many places still closed and more closing everyday.

I start off by heading to the Chiang Mai Apartments i've had my eye on for a while, things are coming along nicely and the apartments are nearly finished. I then cycle into town and have a look at the night bazaar area, then up around the moat and finishing off with a look down Loi Kroh Road (everybody loves a bit of Loi Kroh)

All mixed in the the usual chatting and singing along the way.

You know the drill people. Walk-About Wayne video.

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