Cycling In Thailand | Is Biking Around Chiang Mai Safe?

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I thought today would be good time to have a chat about Cycling Thailand and Cycling in Chiang Mai, Thailand and give my thoughts on how safe i think it is. I get a few messages about how scary it looks when i'm riding Black Beauty around the city. Cycling in the City is for sure dangerous, with Thailand being one of the highest country's for road accidents in the world but i do believe Chiang Mai City is a good cycling city. Of course you need to be careful and keep alert at all times, it can be dangerous on any roads, in any country. Traffic in Thailand can be pretty hectic at peak rush hour times, so it's maybe best to try and avoid these times to be cycling around the city. Chiang Mai has a big cycling hub | Thailand has many great bicycle routes.

I've had 1 accident in the last 2 years and i believe it was partly my fault and not knowing how the Thais operate on the road. Like i mention in the vlog, anything can happen on Thai roads, all it takes is another driver to be driving dangerous. Don't be put off by riding a Bicycle in Chiang Mai, my cycling in city tips would be to take it easy for the first few week you are here, just ride on some quiet roads and stay away from the Moat or busy area's, in time you will become more confident. Also have a good bike with good brakes and everything checked and working properly.

I love riding Black Beauty around the city and it's the best transport for city life in my opinion.
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