First weekend trip after lockdown | Short ride to this beautiful place near Mumbai

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Finally, we stepped out for our first weekend trip after lockdown. A short ride to this beautiful place near Mumbai was totally worth post lockdown. As Mumbai is coming to the normal grounds now with the Unlockdown process, you can definitely plan to visit this location in Mumbai during this monsoon ends.

We took a short break to Haji Malang which is near Kalyan. Our official first drive after lockdown. Haji Malang is also popularly known as Shree Malang gad which is one of the best places to visit near Kalyan. There were plenty of tourist places near Mumbai to visit, but we weren’t sure about restrictions in each place and hence decided get a short ride near Kalyan or Thane.

Haji Malang is one of the best weekend gateway near Mumbai. This location is well-known for Haji Malang Dargah and has an amazing history. Many trekkers usually choose this spot for trekking and it is one of the tough mountain for trekking. We were in need of a relaxation after lockdown, so we weren’t ready to climb upstairs towards Haji Malang or even for trekking, we just took a short ride towards Haji Malang road for refreshment.
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