Greece, The Cyclades, Syros

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Located in the Cyclades, Syros is one of the largest and the main trading centre of the group of Islands.
Accessible from the port of Piraeus or by ferry from Mykonos (via the international airport there, the visitors first impression of the island is the main port and the islands capital, Ermopolis. Although the visitor’s first view will be of the town’s ship-yards on the south side of the harbour, a short walk will take you to the elegant square and shopping centre just off the harbour road.

The Island featured many beaches and places of interest (mostly to the South and West of the main town) including the old town of Ano Syros and the resorts of Galissas, Kini and Megas Gialos which are included in this short tour of the Island, which starts with the arrival into Ermolopis on the Blue Star Paros. Paul Walters video.

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