Hiking Near Delaware Water Gap | Mount Tammany | During pandemic

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We were looking a mountain for hiking near delaware water gap during this pandemic. And finally we have reached the top of The Mount Tammany. That was a superb panoramic view over the Delaware River towards Mount Minsi, with the rolling hills of Pennsylvania in the background. Mount Tammany is the toughest hiking trail in New Jersey. We took red dot trail all the way up Mount Tammany. This hiking trail is listed as the number 1 hiking trail in New Jersey. The highest Point ( Mountain Peak) is 1,526 feet (465 m) and Elevation Gain: 1,103 feet.

It’s a short but intensive climb, with fantastic panoramas over the Delaware Water Gap, and the superb view from the top is well worth the effort. It will take minimum of 2 hours to complete.

The Mount Tammany area is Dan of Timber Rattlesnake but the only times people have been bitten when they attempted to handle or catch the Rattlesnakes. So need to be little alert.

My highly recommendation is proper hiking shoes and enough drinking water.


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