Huta Siallagan: Ancient Batak Village on Samosir Island – Lake Toba, Sumatra

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Huta Siallagan covers a total area of 2,400 square meters and is surrounded by a 1.5 to 2 meter stone wall. Built from sleekly structured stones, the wall was once completed with bastions and sharp bamboos to protect the village from wild animals and attacks from other tribes.

Entering Huta Siallagan, one will be greeted by a number of traditional Bolon and Sopo houses which are traditional houses of the Batak ethnic group of North Sumatra.

What makes Huta Siallagan special is the existence of two sets of large stones carved into chairs encircling a stone table. These fascinating sets of stone furniture artifacts are called Batu Parsidangan, meaning β€œStones for Meetings and Trials”. It is located right at the center of Huta Siallagan under a Hariara Tree, which is considered a sacred tree by the Bataks. The Stones are believed to be over 200 years old. Gabrijela1972 video.

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