Is Chiang Mai In Lockdown?

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Is Chiang Mai In Lockdown and what are the new restrictions. With fear of another Chiang Mai lockdown yesterday, we was all waiting for the imminent news and the fate of restrictions in the city. Would we go back to only take away food, gyms closed and a alcohol ban? The good news is, Chiang Mai is not in lockdown and the restrictions are very relaxed and somewhat confusing. The restrictions are similar to before with a few minor tweaks, the biggest being the ban on alcohol in restaurants. Other rules are new times for food restaurants to close and the same with gyms. I was a bit puzzled why Chiang Mai didn't announce some stronger restrictions like the rest of the country? I'm not complaining, it's good news for Chiang Mai 2021.

Chiang Mai Covid 19 News Walk-About Wayne video.

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