Island Of Dolls Mexico City

রহস্যময় ও ভুঁতুড়ে পুতুলের দ্বীপ | মেক্সিকো | Island Of Dolls Mexico City

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On this A Holiday Tour today, I will know about the mysterious and bizarre puppet island.

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About eighty years ago. People used to live on this island then, although since then the tree-covered island has been cool and dark. One evening, three Mexican children were marrying dolls. One of the three missing to play! After much searching, his body was found in a canal near the island. Since then, no one has crossed the island's three borders for fear.

About 7 years after this incident, a priest named Don Julian Santana came to the island to do penance alone. In his narration the mysterious events of the island emerge. According to Julian's commentary, the spirits of the deceased child often spoke to him since he founded the monastery on the island. The child's spirit promised to bring the doll to Julian. But not such a doll. The soul of the child sitting on the creepy doll. Hand-foot-headless dolls that look like they have lost their lives in human torture.

Julian then collects spoiled dolls from people in exchange for vegetables grown in his monastery to appease the child's soul. He used to bring them to the forest and tie them with tree branches. In this way, Julian built an island of dead dolls with thousands of dolls collected or bought.

Then one day Julian was fishing with his nephew in the Apaya canal where the body of the dead child was found. At that moment, Julian suddenly noticed who was calling him from under the water! Someone is requesting to go to them. After he told his nephew all the facts, they stopped fishing and left, but a few days later Julian's frozen body was found in the canal. The island is still believed to be haunted by the spirit of a dead child. Sometimes all the terrible sounds can be heard.

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