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Situ Lengkong Panjalu today looks increasingly developed, and become common knowledge, we discuss about the homelanders that can be found.
Situ Lengkong Panjalu Nature Reserve, which is located in Panjalu Village, Panjalu District, Ciamis Regency, was previously 67 hectares wide, maybe even more. This excellent tourism destination in Ciamis Regency has a lot of potential to be a tourist attraction, both historical tourism, religious tourism, nature tourism, just looking for recreation
according to history, it is said that a long time ago, before it formed into it, the area around there arches panjalu is a valley that forms a hill, and a hill called guava sand. Then along with the passage of time, as told in the story of prabu sanghyang borosngora, then in his power was formed or built there long arch. devi sofiah chanel video.

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