Life In Thailand 2021 | Sabai Sabai In Chiang Mai

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Life In Thailand 2021 | Sabai Sabai In Chiang Mai

Today i head out on Black Beauty to find another amazing place that i have never been. Daily life in Thailand always surprises me with new things to see. In all the time i have been in Chiang Mai, i have never been to The Galae Restaurant, a beautiful location up near the mountain. Why have i never been here before?

I love living a simple life in Thailand and just getting on the bike and finding some peace and quiet around the city. I get some coffee at The Galae Restaurant and chill over looking the lake. Days like this are perfect for me, simple living Thailand style. I would highly recommend The Galae for anyone wanting a nice relaxing afternoon and still inside the city. I have left the location below for anyone wishing to checkout this chilled out place.

I also talk about Chiang Mai burning season , living in Chiang Mai and all things Thailand along the way. It's such a Sabai Sabai ( take it easy ) lifestyle in Chiang Mai and you don't need to go far from the city center to find amazing nature, mountains with peace & quiet. You really can live a simple life in the city.

Chiang Mai Thailand 2021

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