Meeting Another Youtuber & R.I.P to a Thailand Monk

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Today i go for my daily routine of visiting a temple for a walkabout and a chat about Chiang Mai, Thailand. Then i head off meet another Chiang Mai, Thailand YouTuber! I meet up with Ken from BRUNO UNFRAMED a great Thailand Vlogger from Chiang Mai. It's always nice meeting up with YouTubers and Subscribers. Me and Ken chatted through the afternoon and into the evening. We headed off to the awesome SABABA Restaurant for some nice food and more chat. I highly recommend Sababa, the owner is a great chat and always welcoming. I will leave the Sababa location below.

I didn't get as much footage as i would have liked with Ken, as we was chatting away and didn't really think about filming. So in the second half of the vlog ( a few days later ) i head to WAT CHEDI LUANG Thailand temple, where a 7 day Thailand funeral ceremony is taking place for a important Buddhist Monk that had past away. R.I.P. Buddhist Funeral Ceremony Thailand.

Chiang Mai Thailand 2021 Walk-About Wayne video.

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