Mina the Orangutan – The Queen of the Sumatran Jungle

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Mina is well-known in Gunung Leuser National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Sumatra. Every guide has a story about her. She interrupts lunches, opens backpacks to search for food, and scares tourists, sometimes hurting them or dragging them to the ground. Experts say she should be removed from the area; she has become too aggressive, dangerous to tourists and by extension, to herself.

Mina is the most notorious orang-utan of Bukit Lawang. The sad thing about this situation is that Mina โ€“born in captivity- is used to people and knows when she comes down she can get food. If she doesnโ€™t get it, she sometimes attacks people to force her will. By feeding her many guides contribute to this problem. Mina wonโ€™t search for food herself and wonโ€™t be able to teach her two babies how to do so. Gabrijela1972 video.

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