Mt. Nagpatong Part 2

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Mt. Nagpatong Rock consists of two towering limestone cliffs facing each other. These towers seem to be made up of layers of huge blocks of rock place on top of each other hence the name Nagpatong, from Tagalog word β€œpatong” or to put on top.

Also known as "Mt. Milagros" base on the movie "Love You To The Stars and Back" by Joshua Gacia ang Julia Baretto and it was released on August 30, 2017


Lakbayero : Macx Alcala
Cross-over Lakbayers: Pamilya lakbayero

Music Compose By: Furederikku Biasura
Song Written by : Macx Alcala
Interpreted by : Furederikku Biasura Lakbayero video.

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