Mycenae the city of Perseus

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We visit the ancient city of Mycenae, one of the most important historical monuments of Greek culture. Mythology shows Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, daughter of the king of Argos as the founder of Mycenae. Mycenae, the kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon, was the most important and richest palace center of the Late Bronze Age (1350 BC-1200 BC) in Greece. We are impressed by the huge cyclopean walls, the construction of which is an inconceivable achievement for that time. The famous Lions' Gate represents two lions as guardians of the Acropolis. A little further down is the vaulted tomb known as the "treasure of Atreus", with its high honeycomb dome, which is another elaborate work of the ancient Greeks. Finally we pay a visit to the beautiful city of Argos with the majestic church of Apostle Peter in the square of the same name. Stelios Anastelios video.

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