Na Oh Bangkok Airplane Fine Dining Restaurant Thailand

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Good evening everyone!
We had a great experience on an old plane that was over 50 years old.
Na Oh is a Fine Dining Restaurant in an Airplane at the Chang Chui Creative Park in Bangkok.

The name Na-Oh is a reverse of the word Noah's Ark, or Arc Ship.
Inside the plane there are many rare stuffed animals from around the world, such as polar bears, deer, lions, monkeys, wild boar, etc. according to the concept of Noah’s Ark.

The restaurant offers a set menu with either 3 or 5 courses. The 3 course dinner is 999++ and the 5 course 1,800++

A Futuristic based dining restaurant that promotes food and cultures innovations and to have a great experience to explore in the industry.
Bangkok Fine Dining at Na Oh Restaurant - Dinner in an Airplane is our great experienced here in Bangkok Thailand. GalaHolicVenture video.

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