Oslarija – Hidden Paradise for Donkeys

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We visited Oslarija, an institute for breeding and researching donkeys, located in the small village of Gabrovica near Komen in Slovenia. Stane SuΕ‘nik and his wife Mojca moved here from Ljubljana to set up Oslarija out of their love for animals, but also because donkeys are nice, characterful and very useful for maintaining pastures that are overgrown in the Karst.

They love donkeys, so they cultivated stable pastures that reflected their homeland. They are open and large while at the same time being overgrown with bushes where donkeys can hide or retreat from the sun or rain. Numerous grasses and herbs make up the bulk of the menu, with the addition of tasty side dishes like bark and roots. The spacious land enables the donkeys to run and play unhindered. Stane and Mojca want to give the Donkeys peace, shelter and a natural habitat, where they can live their lives to the fullest.
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