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A lovely journey of us to the place where all the birds feel safe. Welcome to the land of Uttarakhand and to the place called "Pangot" which is 18Kms from Nanital,away from crowd and mass here you will have peace and beàuty of nature. We stayed in The Cocoon Camps & Nature Resorts, Pangot, Nainital.Pangot is a small picturesque hamlet famous for its jungles and birds, located just 15 kms from Nainital. Walking into Pangot is like stepping into a remote Himalayan village. It is a birdwatchers paradise and have more than 300 species of birds in and around.For birdwatchers, it is advised to wear jungle colors such as beige, khaki, and olive green which acts as a camouflage in the woods.

Pangot is one of those places in Uttarakhand that can be visited all round the year. However, the best time to travel to Pangot is from March to July.

Pangot is a village in the Kosiyakutoli tehsil of Nainital district in Uttarakhand, India, and a tourist destination at a height of 6,510 feet


https://youtu.be/2GiqKdGNfCw Golu Molu channel video.

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