Pollachi to Valparai Amazing Ride ‐ 40 Dangerous Hairpin Bends

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Topslip is in a different direction while the others in the list Monkey Falls, Loams View, Attakathi, Aliyar, Kadamparai, Valparai are in a totally different route. To reach Topslip, the following is the route: Pollachi - Vetaikaranpudur - Anaimalai - Sethumadai - Toplip, while to reach Valparai, your route would be Pollachi - Aliyar - Monkey falls - Attakati - Waterfalls - Valparai.
Kdambarai is out of bounds for tourists and so is Grass hills (Akkamalai pul medu). If you can manage permission from the EB and the forest department - these can be visited. ANTONY WORLD WIDE video.

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