Ranganathittu | Karnataka’s largest bird sanctuary

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Dispersed along the river Kavery, six little islets in a 40-acre area make up one of the most important ecological habitats in Karnataka. Ranganathittu is Karnataka’s largest bird sanctuary. What could be more convenient for water birds than a river with undisturbed islets, to build their nests?

Dr. Salim Ali was the first to observe the precious value of Ranganathittu as a breeding ground for migratory birds. Even in 1930s, he realised the need to protect this corner on the bank of River Kaveri for generations of birds to come. He urged the then King of Mysore, Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar to protect this space. In 1940, Ranganathittu became a protected reserve. Thanks to the efforts of these visionaries. Rahul Aravind video.

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