Sedona Arizona Hiking Guide

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According to locals, your survival guide to Arizona's #1 watering hole is The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek near Sedona, Arizona! In this episode of EscapingTheBubble, we give you a detailed hiking guide on this fantastic watering hole outside Sedona, Arizona. Our family sets out on this day excursion with a 7-mile round trip hike to a great watering hole surrounded by red rock cliffs, and we give "must-know" hiking tips along the way. The watering hole is one of the largest and deepest in Arizona, a definite must-visit for adventurers. The water at wet beaver creek was clear and refreshing after our hot hike in the dry Arizona heat. We enjoyed eating lunch and cooling off in the water. There are several different cliffs to jump off of at the crack, which was a lot of fun. It was also exciting to watch people jump off the very top; yikes! Stay tuned near the end of the video, where we give you our suggested packing list for the crack at wet beaver creek. This is the best hike and watering hole we have found in Arizona! Subscribe to EscapingTheBubble and join us in more travel family adventures! EscapingTheBubble travel Family video.

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