Seetharkundu View Point | Nelliyampathy Suicide Point | malayalam Vlogger episode 3

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Seetharkundu Viewpoint is situated at a distance of 8 km from Nelliyampathy town in Palakkad District of Kerala State in Southern India.The viewpoint is synonymous to some more tantalizing visuals that will leave you completely spell bind. Seetharkundu Viewpoint situated just 8 km from Nelliyampathy is believed to be the resting place for Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman and Goddess while on exile. Adorned with Seetharkundu Waterfall falling from an altitude of 100 ft and flanked by paddy fields, you will also find the aroma of coffee in the air from coffee fields as well as tea plantations. Buses are easily available from Palakkad till Seetharkundu Viewpoint. ANTONY WORLD WIDE video.

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