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  • Thumbnail images with less than 25% text overlay in english only.
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Accepted Video Websites: YouTube Vimeo Facebook Vine Twitch Dailymotion Metacafe TED VK Blip Google Drive Funny or Die College Humor MPORA Livestream Yahoo Screen Wistia Youku Tudou SAPO Rutube.

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New: Submit your videos and custom posts to the new QUICK STARE social networking and organic publishing community. Sign up here. Please wait 10-15 seconds to be redirected to your new TRAVEL BUZZ video after submitting URL. If your video submission is high quality we may give it a special social networking post and forย Search Engine Optimisation, If the above steps were not followed when submitting videos, we may remove your submission.

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Learn how to Promote Videos Links to get more video views, followers and Engagement

Basic Steps.

  1. Copy your video link.
  2. Enter a user name.
  3. Give your video a unique video title in English.
  4. Paste your video link / URL in the Video URL box.
  5. For YouTube Vimeo and Facebook the thumbnail image will be generated automatically if the correct Video URL was entered.
  6. Add video tags for the best result use 2-3 word phrases. Example: Fun Travelling, Amazing Destinations, Best Travel Guide etc. Adding more than 10 tags will NOT help your video submission.
  7. Add a link to your Website, Channel or Social Profile.

How to create High Quality Video Thumbnails

Learn how to make attractive thumbnails

The thumbnail image is one of the most important factors for creating a video that will get lots of exposure and clicks. It is the first point of contact with viewers, so try to use an amazing image that invokes curiosity and encourages the viewer to read the title and click on the video. Covering the thumbnail with other images and text overlay is not a good practice and even tho many video creators do it, it actually hurts the videos ranking.

You can use copyright free images from Google Images to make amazing thumbnails. Simply search for an image that is relevant to your video and then click on tools > usage rights > and select available for reuse or available for reuse with modification, if you want to change the image. You can use a website like TextFX to make amazing text titles to include in your image but keep in mind that if it covers more than 15% of the thumbnail we may not accept it unless it look professional and stands out.

Free Submit YouTube Travel Video Links to Travel Buzz Videos Submission and Streaming Website.

Why submit your video URLs with our free instant approval user submission form? Which can give your videos a new life and a second layer to promote. Simply fill in the form with your name, your website URL (Backlink) a Unique Video Title, Add some unique tags and your video URL and press submit.

Thatโ€™s it, no login or sign up and itโ€™s completely free with no catch or future cost or changes, unless we can improve it for a better user experience. If your video looks amazing with a good thumbnail image and the correct title and tag length we will feature it on the TRAVEL BUZZ homepage and give it an extra boost on our social networks.

Free Submit Form for YouTube Travel Video and Vlog Links to Travel Buzz Videos Website.

How to do Video SEO

For an excellent result, enter a unique and descriptive video title of 5 to 10 keywords and share your video with the share buttons below to gain more video views and new subscribers. You can also add unique video tags (No more than 10) and a link to your website to increase SEO and keywords used to find your videos in the top search engines.

The video you submit will be instantly converted to a Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for the fastest loading on social networks and mobile phone web browsers. Converting your video to AMP also helps it to rank better in the mobile search engine result pages. Visit the AMP Website.

Submit YouTube Travel Vlog URLs to Travel Buzz Videos Free Submission and Streaming Website.

SEO + Social Exposure Tips: Search engines and especially Social networks often give lower rankings and less exposure for thumbnail images with to much text overlay. The more amazing your thumbnail is the more clicks you will receive. Don’t add more than 5-10 tags. Separate tags with a comma, Example: Keywords One, Keywords Two, Keywords Three. Don’t paste your Title as a tag, rather separate the key phrases within it with a comma. Use unique tags of 2-3 keywords, a tag like “Travel” with be sunk in a sea of a million other similar tags.

Use the keyword research tool in the SEO section above to find relative keywords and phrases for tags and titles. Use keyword rich long-tail titles of 5 – 10 words. Keep making your videos, titles and thumbnail images higher quality. Link to your videos from high ranked websites to increase backlink profile, which boosts search engine rankings. Add your handle ie @your-name at the end of your video title and social users can directly click on your profile from our social network posts. Thanks for taking the time to read all the information on this page.

Submitting Facebook Video URLs

Facebook can be tricky, they don’t make it easy to find the right video link, especially on a desktop computer. They also constantly change their platform, making it hard to stay up to date. You can find the right link by using the Facebook app, click into or start playing the video and then press share (don’t press share from the post in your feed).

Common Reasons Why Your Video is not Accepted.

Thumbnail: Low quality thumbnail. To much text or image overlay. Duplicate thumbnails. See the image above for examples of how to make high quality thumbnails. Thumbnail includes images that are not family friendly.

Video: Low quality video. Video URL already submitted. Video not in English. Not family friendly. Advertising. Adult content or inappropriate.

Title: Video titles should be in English and not include other languages Title to short with no findable keywords. Title to long with more than 10-15 words. Link or phone number included in title. Title includes words that are not family friendly.

Tags: To many tags, tags should be 5-10 but more than 20 is to many. Tags are not separated my commas. Title pasted as tag. Tags not in english. Tags more than 3-4 words. Tags include words that are not family friendly.

Other Reasons: Advertising, Adult content or any other reason we feel the video is not family friendly or inappropriate.

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