Thai Visa 2021 | No More ED Visa For Me

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Thai Visa 2021 | No More ED Visa For Me. So today is my last day on my Education Visa. Thailand has a few different Thai visa types and because leaving the country and getting back in was not an option, i decided to move to the volunteer visa Thailand. The swap over to the volunteer visa was so easy because my Hand to Hand Combat Education school also offers the Volunteer visa, so it was a piece of cake to change over. Happy Days!

The volunteer visa is processed at the other Immigration location, at Promenada Chiang Mai Mall just outside the city. It's a liitle bit further to go for me compared to the Airport Immigration office but it's good to have a bit of change now and then. Promenada Mall is also the best designed mall in the city, in my opinion, so it's nice to have a walk around Promenada at the same time.

Being a volunteer in Thailand is a good visa option, as you just get one stamp in your passport for the whole year and it seems to be less of a headache.

I'm chuffed to have my new visa sorted and can relax now for another year in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thailand visa update 2021 Walk-About Wayne video.

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