Thailand Now 2021 | Chiang Mai Air Pollution | Let’s Talk

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Thailand Now 2021 | Chiang Mai Air Pollution | Let's Talk

Today i have a walk around the the old city of Chiang Mai, Thailand and have a chat about Chiang Mai air pollution. Burning season is truly underway now with the city covered in smog most days. It's not something i want to moan and groan about, as i can see both sides of the problem. The Thailand currency exchange for gbp to thb has gone up slightly over the the past few weeks, so i chat about the extra few Thai Baht to the English pound. Every little helps when changing large amounts of money.

Chiang Mai Thailand now a days is quiet but with more and more people arriving everyday now, things seem to be getting better on the tourism front. I have a wonder around and checkout some nice street food places also and have a chat about all things living in Thailand as a foreigner.

Walk About Wayne video.

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