Thailand October 2021 | What’s Going On?

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Thailand October 2021: So October is here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a few new rules have been put into place. Firstly, we talk about the new entry tax. Thailand will reportedly introduce a entrance fee (500 Baht) to foreign visitors, starting in January 2022. The fee will go towards a "tourism transformation fund". The fund is said to help the country recover from mass tourism loss during the Covid Pandemic. Is this something that will sit well with tourists? or will you have no problems paying the 500 Baht fee?.

I also discuss the new opening rules for Chiang Mai, October 1st was meant to be the opening of Chiang Mai to domestic tourists and people can come to Chiang Mai without quarantine if they have been vaccinated. Also, starting November 1st, international tourists can enter Chiang Mai without quarantine if they have also been vaccinated and pass all the entry requirements.

All these new plans are things I've heard time and time again, I won't believe anything until I see it. The rules in Thailand change daily and anything said today can be different tomorrow.

Let me know what you all think and what your plans are for returning to Thailand. Walk-About Wayne video.

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