The Heat Is On In Chiang Mai | Thailand

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The Heat Is On In Chiang Mai. Thailand low season / Hot season is now in full effect with days reaching 40c and with Chiang Mai burning season on top of that, the city is very hot, dusty and dry. I had a great question about living in Chiang Mai during the hot season and how hot it get's, so i thought i would do a vlog on my experience with living in the Thailand heat in the months of March, April and May.

Chiang Mai weather is always hot but the hot season months really do make it difficult to do day to day task and especially sleeping at night is more uncomfortable. As i mention in the vlog, your body will get more used to the heat the longer you stay here. I find that the Chiang Mai rainy season is more uncomfortable with a more humid heat but March , April and May are for sure the most energy sapping months for Heat.

Living in Chiang Mai 2021 Walk-About Wayne video.

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