Traditional Bukit Lawang Friday Market, Sumatra – Indonesia

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A local market in Bukit Lawang is held each friday in the bus station at Gotong Royong, where buses from Medan drop and pick up passangers. It's just fifteen minute walk from the Bukit Lawang Guide Association Office. You can walk by your self or you can use a motorbike or becak.

The Friday local market runs from earlie morning until 16.00pm. If you arrive in the morning you will see workers or farmers from local rubber plantations bringing their rubber to be weighed and sold. By afternoon all the rubber will have been sold and the workers and land owners paid, but the strong smell will remain.

It's a typical market with local product, such as fish, meat, many different fruits, vegetables, spice and local medicine. People are selling dried fish and shrimp, clothes, household goods, fireworks, and other. Gabrijela1972 video.

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