Ultimate Family Cruise [travel vlog]

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For me and my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary we decided to do the "ultimate family cruise" and decided to chronicle this special trip with a travel vlog. While she did all the planning - gave me three kids and such incredible joy in life, etc. - I am wholeheartedly dedicating this vlog to Daffney, the best wife in the world!

We booked a Royal Caribbean Cruise (R) with one of the largest international cruise companies around! And we have to say, the service on their vessel was outstanding with some of the kindest cast and crew around! The food varies from 3 to 5 stars! The entertainment was very good! The activities were a plenty! Since this was a special trip we got the VIP pass, which gave us special perks along the way.

As much as I wanted to have more of our 10th anniversary moments, I think my wife is still warming up to the whole YouTube vlogging thing, and thus I kept most of our special moments out of this vlog! I hope as she warms up over time she will be cool with me vlogging her and I more! This is just an aside as some may wonder why for my 10th anniversary there is not much of me and my wife together on this. Keep in mind that so far Callie, Matthew, and I are the usual vloggers; yet we are all excited to have my oldest, Austin (18-years-old) and my wife Daffney eventually become more of a part of the channel.

Disclaimer: this Royal Caribbean cruise from Galveston, TX, to Cozumel, Mexico, was from February 3rd - the 7th (2020). If anyone appearing in this video wishes to be blurred or removed, please contact F.A. at fachekki@gmail.com and he will take care of the necessary editing. To his understanding, all participants aboard the vessel who either participated in events or who were traveling over international waters are subject to the terms and conditions of their travel agreements with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. as well as any laws of the respective jurisdiction or venue that applies to maritime vessels traveling from the United States to Mexico. Otherwise, per the terms and conditions of YouTube faTV and its creator abide by all that pertain in the making of this video. Please do not hesitate to contact the creator if you have questions or concerns, or if you wish to be removed or blurred from this video.

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