VAN LIFE can SUCK | Highs & Low of Living in a Van in Mexico (Reality of Van Life)

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Van Life can SUCK! We show you the highs and lows of what living in a van in Mexico is all about. The reality of van life is everything that comes along with all of the beautiful sites and camps. This weeks van life vlog gives you insight on what we have to do to keep our tiny home traveling - REAL VAN LIFE is chores, breakdowns and challenge. This week we drive almost 5 hours to Oaxaca City to the Mercedes dealership to get our van looked at by a mechanic... on the way there we get to experience 1 of the WORLDS 2 petrified waterfalls called Hierve El Agua. Keep this on your travel list of beautiful destinations in Mexico if you are looking for things to do in Oaxaca. If you’re still thinking β€œshould I do can life” after all this we think YES! All the pros out weight the cons. Vanwives video.

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