Visiting Thailand Now | It’s Not The Best Time

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Visiting Thailand Now | Is it The Right Time? I had another great question about Thailand now 2021 and is it a good time to be coming to Chiang Mai and visiting Thailand during Covid. This vlog was filmed the day before the new Dark Red Zone restrictions came into affect in Chiang Mai but i know a lot of people are either coming this month or still want to come to Thailand and asking can i travel to Thailand now . Visiting Thailand 2021 now under the restrictions is still possible with the quarantine rules being put back to 14 days from the relaxed 10 days before.

Would i recommend coming to Chiang Mai now? I always leave the answers up to you, i just say what i think on the channel. It might be a little difficult getting into Chiang Mai during the next 14 days, as people have been told not to travel. Chiang Mai is amazing and i would be desperate to get back here myself. Walk-About Wayne video.

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